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By purchasing my digital products you agree to my shop policies and terms of use mentioned below.


* Personal (or Non-profit) Use Only: By purchasing from me, you receive a license to make printed copies of the provided files for print for your personal (or non-profit) use only.

* Sharing Limits: Sharing the files I provide must be limited to only sharing with your chosen print shop for the purpose of printing.

* Reselling, imitation, modifying, or derivative work of any kind is NOT permitted.

* All designs remain copyright of Soumya’s Invitations (Soumya S. Mohanty).

* IMPORTANT: By purchasing from my shop you agree to have fully read, understood, and agree to all my Terms of Use and Policies mentioned here and in my communication emails. This is to ensure a smooth transaction for your convenience! Thank you!


* The listing prices are for the designs as shown. Please read the individual listing description to see what’s included for it.

* If you want any additional changes such as extra text, custom text, color change, font change, different size, different language, mixing two layouts, etc. which affects the overall layout then there will be additional fees. If you need something like this, then please contact me for pricing.

* I don’t send editable files or only background without text for any product in my shop.
The only time I can send an editable file is if the design is custom-made for you from scratch and we agree on the same before order is placed. If you need something like this, please contact me. There will be custom fees for it.

* The final files are high-resolution for print and non-editable. I’ll be making all edits with your requirements and send you final files meant for direct printing only.
(Exception: Completely custom orders where we’ve agreed for an editable file deliverable before order is placed.)

* I may change the prices at any time depending on my business needs. If I have a quoted a price to you in conversations and you return to my shop for making the final purchase after multiple months, the prices may or may not change. In most cases it stays the same unless your requirement increases. However, if I have increased pricing in the meanwhile then your order will reflect the new prices.

* Additional Fees will be applicable in the following situations:

1) On Extra Customisation
If you need extra edits such as font change, color change, extra text, custom text, different size, different language, mixing two layouts, etc. which affects the overall layout.

2) On Multiple Revisions
When I prepare your Preview I’m happy to make 1 or maximum 2 rounds of reasonable edits (this is enough for 99% of my customers) if you made a mistake in your original information for personalisation. However, after that, there will be additional fees for additional rounds of revision. (Please note: with increase in number of revisions the timeline will increase too since it’ll again take me a couple of days to get back with revised Preview. So, it’s best to tell me everything you need accurately before I start working on your order.)

3) On Rushing Timeline
If you need a 24 hour rush or a rush during a time I cannot naturally provide due to current workload and might have to work extra hours or make other adjustments to provide you with your requirement on your required time, then a rush fee will be applicable to process your order before the orders of others placed before you.

4) On Revision of Delivered Final Files (or finished order)
If you confirm a Preview, I’ll send the final files. If you decide you need edits AFTER I have finished your order (preview confirmed by you and I have sent final files), there’ll be extra fee for it commensurate to your order size. So, please make sure you review the Preview carefully before confirming.


* Payment must be made in full to start processing your order. I accept payment through PayPal. (You do not need a PayPal account to pay. You can enter your card details on the PayPal checkout page to pay directly by credit card.)


* Please check my current turnaround time. I update that depending on my current workload, along with any leave announcements which might affect timeline.


* Currently I offer only digital files. Delivery will be through email. Hence, no shipping charges.



* A full refund will be provided if we decide to cancel a payment transaction BEFORE I start working on the preview. (Please keep in mind I can only refund whatever amount I receive from PayPal. PayPal may keep any applicable transaction fees for each transaction.)

* I do not offer any refunds after I start working on the preview or after delivery of digital files. Usually, it’s all good, but if you’re having some issue you may contact me and we’ll work out a solution.



When you contact me, it may take me a few hours to a couple of days to get back to you. So, if you need a RUSH on an order please mention that in your first message so I can assess timeline accordingly while getting back to you.

**IMPORTANT: For new, current, or completed orders, please keep in mind that there’s a large time difference between our locations so I may not always be able to get back instantly to last minute request messages.

After purchase, I’ll send you the preview according to my current timeline. I’ll usually personally email you to let you know on which day I’ll get back with your Preview. Once you approve the Preview, I’ll email you the final print files in 1-3 days (under normal circumstances) after confirmation from you.

**PLEASE NOTE that when you decide to purchase from me I primarily assume you’ve read my communications and are okay with my process, conditions, and timelines.

There are numerous shops online and while every one of us tries our best to provide the best service our working process could be vastly different from each other. So, please read the product descriptions, FAQs, and Policies to understand what to expect when you work with me. How I work might be different from how someone else you purchased from in the past works.

My timelines are according to what I can deliver. I cannot match other shops’ timelines or work processes. So please check my work process and turnaround time for items before purchasing.



The following points are important to keep in mind. While I will help you achieve a solution to get a final printed product you’re absolutely thrilled with, the following are technically beyond the scope of my work and control, and thus I cannot be held responsible for errors committed by customer or chosen print shop.

* Please use your computer to download / attach all files, and not a mobile phone, as they may get resized on phone sometimes.

* After you receive my email with the links to the final print files, please download them and print them ASAP as I may delete them from the same storage to make space, after 3-4 weeks.

* Some print shops might require you to carry the files on USB pen/flash drives physically to them. (I recommend physically going to a print shop to get them printed so you can check their sample prints or paper/cardstock quality before printing.)

* Some online photo print shops with an automated file upload system accept only RGB format. (CMYK is the standard format for print. I provide an RGB variation too. However it’s possible you might still need a specific format for it according to their specific requirements. Contact me if you’re having any issues uploading files.)

* I recommend printing the printable items on thick white card stock at a professional print shop for best results. Generic home/office printers may not be able to give desired output.

* Colors may slightly vary from screen to print due to different monitor settings, different print profiles used by print shops, and quality of ink or paper used.


// FAQs //

Q: Can you create a matching RSVP and information card for this design?

A: Sure! I make matching sets for all my designs. If you don’t see it in my shop, just let me know you’re interested and I can put it up. It may take me a few days to create it.

Q: Is the price shown per invitation printed?

A: No, the price is for the digital print files mentioned in the listing and it’s a one time fee. You can print as many copies as you need at your local print shop.

Q: How much would you charge to do the printing?

A: Sorry! Currently I’m not providing printed invitations although I’m in the process of setting it up. However, till then you may purchase my digital files and get them printed at a professional print shop on a paper of your choice and as many copies as you wish!
There are many advantages to printables:
– No shipping charges!
– No waiting for weeks! Quick delivery through email after final approval of preview.
– You can print on a paper quality and thickness of your choice.
– You can print unlimited number of copies!

Q: Can you do custom wedding invitation for me? How much would it cost and how much time would it take?

A: Sure! I can design a completely custom design for you from scratch, or adapted from my current designs if you want that. Pricing depends on your requirements, of course. For example, a completely custom design from scratch will cost significantly more than adapting one of my current designs. Just contact me with your requirements and after confirming all your requirements from you, I’ll send you the quote, my process, and estimated timeline.

Q: Can you send an editable file for this item? Can you send only the background without the text for this design?

A: I don’t send editable files or only background without text for any product in my shop, unless it’s custom-made for you from scratch. If you need something like this, please contact me. There will be custom fees for it.



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Thanks so much!